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BC Brands WebMusic

WebMusic provides radio shows and stations with all the tools they need to provide great content to their listeners.

We also work with our clients to develop custom solutions.


Built by BC Brands, in collaboration with The Pop Show, WebMusic provides extensive digital tools for the radio industry. It started in September 2021 with WebMusic Library, which allows you to easily organise and access your music library online. Whilst it can be used for personal music libraries, the software is more customised than a standard music library, making it perfect for use within radio stations. All our software is hosted in the cloud by BC Host, meaning you can forget about technical issues and focus on your music. The November 2021 update contains powerful Playlist & Report Builder software allowing you, your DJs and even guests & listeners to create playlists from your library. Each organisation can customise the software to their needs to make sure everything works smoothly with your existing set-up. In 2022, we launched our Song Requests feature and in 2023, we launched our Music Quiz platform. We love working with our customers to develop custom solutions for them as required.

WebMusic Library

Extensive Filtering

Easily create playlists from a large amount of powerful filters.

Listen Online

You can now listen to your library online, powered by Spotify.

Artist Information

Each artist in your library is automatically created an artist page with bios and recommended songs.

Requests & Playlists

Playlist Builder

Create custom playlists using our Playlist Builder.

Printing & Reports

All our playlists and requests can be printed off or downloaded for easy sharing and reporting.

Accept Song Requests

Allow your team to make song requests for items to be added to the library.

Quiz Platform

Quiz Templates

Want to run a quiz but don't have the time to make one? Choose from our Quiz Template Library with many pre-built quizzes!

Live Quiz Platform

Collect quiz responses in real-time to allow your live quiz to function smoothly.

Team Management

Multiple Users

Share access to your music library with your team members.


If you want to get started with WebMusic Library, feel free to contact us on music@bcwd.site. Already a WebMusic Library customer? You can login here.

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